Chemica is skilled in all phases of specialty chemical production.  Our
pharmaceutical expertise has been proven through the global
implementation of various active pharmaceutical ingredient
manufacturing processes.  Our products include pharmaceuticals and
their intermediates, nutritional dietary ingredients, medical device
chemicals, insect pheromones, photo chemicals, specialty monomers,
polymers, resins and catalysts.  

Chemica was the generic innovator for Dextromethorphan HBr and we
continue to assist our clients with technology for this API.
Consulting (R&D, Literature Searches)
Organic Chemistry Synthesis
Laboratory Scale (1 mg to 10 kg)
Process Development
Pilot Plant Scale (100 to 1000s kg)
Analysis and Method Development (HPLC, GC, TLC, FTIR)
Consultation and Advice
Contact Us and discuss your requirements and gain access to our
vast expertise, consultation and professional services.  All inquiries
are held in the utmost confidence and industry standard mutual
non-disclosure agreements are available.

If your project chemistries and technology are compatible with our
facility and experience, look to Chemica to meet your requirements
today and tomorrow.