Chemica has produced many products over the past 50 years.  Our founders
are alumni from BASF, Pliva, Rudjer Boskovic Institute (Zagreb, Croatia), Cyclo
Chemical (Lonza), Beckman Instruments, DPC (Siemens), Harvard, UCLA and
many defense industry contractors (NASA, USAF, USN, Kelly Space, Raytheon,
Martin Marietta, JPL, and NTS ( formerly Wyle).   

The following table highlights our core product groups with each tab/link
providing the item that made:

Specialty Chemicals
Dietary Ingredients
Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients (APIs)
Intermediates for APIs
Medical Device Items (UV Absorbers, IOLs etc.)
Industrial Fine Chemicals
Insect Attractants (Pheromones)

Items displayed with an underlined link are usually in stock.   All items are projects which Chemica has worked on for our valued clients.