About Our Business

Fine chemicals for many clients and nurturing lasting professional relationships.

Chemica was founded in 1982 to produce fine chemicals for the electronics
adhesive industry.  We continue to make these items for that client  Soon after, we
began making advanced intermediates for active pharmaceutical ingredients
(APIs).  Now we consult and make items for the nutritional supplement,
pharmaceutical, medical device and aerospace-defense industries.

Chemica is a partnership between Dr. Robert Valentekovich and his brother
Vladimir Valentekovich who acquired the business in 2006 from the founders Dr.s
George and Marija Valentekovich.   Chemica has the competitive advantage of a
proven infrastructure with low net facility/overhead costing in the design,
development, and manufacture of fine chemicals.

Quality fine chemicals made by knowledgeable, caring professionals.

Chemica has created an efficient and functional quality system for ensuring our fine
chemicals meet or exceed ours and our clients specifications.  As such Chemica is
registered and audited by the FDA, DEA, CA Department of Public Heath, as well as
many local municipalities.